The AD-15 and AD-16 are really nice as is, and definitely worth considering by anyone looking for a high-grade, feature-rich boutique tactical AR rifle/carbine/SBR that’s good to go as a fighting gun, right out of the box. [read entire article]

Defense Review  |  2.23.16


Defense Review is really excited about the new Blackside Suppressed Pistol Holster, and can’t wait to get one for our very own fully-custom Blackside Glock 19. The Blackside Glock pistols and holsters are going to be tough to beat for military SOF and clandestine ops missions.  [read entire article]

Defense Review  |  2.18.16


Arsenal Democracy recently received a nice-sized order for the AD PDW from the US government for a military Special Operations Forces (SOF) unit and a government agency, but we’re not at liberty to disclose the exact number. And, “an undisclosed number of [AD] PDW’s are being submitted as part of intensive trials for an unnamed [US] government agency,”. [read entire article]

Defense Review  |  2.22.15


A small boutique weapons builder called Arsenal Democracy (AD) is currently on a tactical tear, building and customizing combat/tactical pistols and AR (AR-15/AR-10/SR-25) rifle/carbine/SBR’s (Short Barreled Rifles) for military Special Operations Forces (SOF) assaulters/operators, law enforcement SWAT operators, and civilian tactical shooters.  [read entire article]

Defense Review  |  2.22.15


“Pretty cool, but not surprising, considering Arsenal’s innovative drive.”

David Crane  |  Defense Review